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About Us


Our Parents started out making Apps for Families, Spelling, Times Tables, Music, that kind of thing. They made the first GurgleApps.com Website in 2011 for those apps.

Well we got older and started helping out with the Apps, made a few YouTube videos and quickly took over. Busy with their day jobs we were spending more time on GurgleApps than them so they handed everything over to us and said any money we make we can keep for our college fund.

In 2020 we started redesigning GurgleApps.com and in 2021 we launched this new Website to complete our takeover.

Meet the team

girl playing fender strat


Nickname 'Steve'
The youngest member of the team. Ziva loves animals, Triathlon, & plays Piano and Guitar.
girl playing fender strat


We wouldn't exist without Amelie's 1st YouTube video where she Hacks our Dad's computer using a Raspberry Pi.
girl playing fender strat


A member of the team from day 1 as cameraman for our 1st video. Caleb plays Piano, Drums, and runs for our County.