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Music Practice Toolkit

Our budding musicians needed several apps for their Piano and Guitar practice (Scales, Practice Organiser, Speed Changer, Metronome, Tuner) and all are in this free app.

The first of which allows you to add music and break it down into easy to learn sections, building a foundation and gradually building up the speed.

Gurgle Numbers

Gurgle Numbers is a fun Maths game that will quickly help teach your children their Number Bonds and Times Tables / Multiplication Tables.

There are dozens of different games you can play, and you can add as many players as you like. This is why Gurgle Numbers is now used in many Primary Schools.

Spelling Test Flashcards

This Free Spelling App is a hit with Schools and Children. Spellings lists can be set up in seconds.

It's the fastest way to learn new spellings, and includes a wordsearch game made from your spelling lists.

Gurgle Music

Gurgle Music is a vibrant App which turns a historically tedious process into a fun game. We developed the App to teach our daughter the Treble and Bass Clef when she was preparing for her first Piano exam.

It's not just for Piano Players, any budding musician wanting to learn the Bass or Treble Clef will benefit.