Gurgle Music

Gurgle Music - Quickly learn to sight read music.

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Learn Quickly.

No more Mnemonics.

Gurgle Music quickly teaches you to instantly recognise sheet music notes by sight, in manageable well thought out phases.

Mnemonics such as Evey Good Boy Deserves Fruit, or FACE are too slow when you need to play the notes in real time.

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Phased Progressions.

You immediately learn signposts you will use to quickly learn the notes in future phases.

It's easy to learn the notes above and below the signposts you have just learned. You will be impressed how quickly this method works.

girl holding phone showing sight reading app.png

Treble and Bass Clef.

Just a few minutes a day and in no time you'll recognise the notes of the Treble and Bass Clef as easily as you recognise the letters of the alphabet.