Music Practice Toolkit - Instructions and Help

Speed Trainer

Break down challening songs into managable slower, shorter loops.

The App is preinstalled with an example song with example loops, it would be a good idea to explore this example.

Add Your Songs To Speed Trainer

There are many ways to add your song.

The easiest way is to drop in a file via file sharing or the Files App. Just put your music file into the 'Speed Trainer' folder in Music Practice Toolkit and you are set.

You can also add a song via your music library on your device.

Your music teacher, or friend can play the music and you can record it right inside the app. Make sure the app has permission to use your microphone.

Finally you can upload via wifi, select this option and the app will set up as a Website Server. Type in the address it gives into the web browser of any device connected to your Wifi and follow the instructions to upload songs.

Sharing Loops

Perfect for music teachers, share the loops with Students.

Each song file in the Speed Trainer has a .json file with it. Simply share these files.

The .json file must have the same name as your music file.