Spelling Test Flashcards - Instructions and Help

Set Up Language

The App is multilingual so first set up your language.

The first thing to do is set up your language. Select the cog icon to bring up the settings menu and select 'New Deck Language'

Select a language from the list, all new decks will use this language. You can come back and change the language at any time if you want different decks with different languages

Select 'back' to return to the settings page, 'Done' to go back to the deck list.


Preinstalled Sample Spelling Tests.

From a fresh install of the app you will find some example spelling tests to get you started.

Feel free to click on one of those to get started right away.

Add A New Spelling Deck

Add your own Spelling Deck or use one of our pre-loaded Decks.

From the deck list select the '+' button at the top right to add a deck. This will bring up the 'Add Deck' screen.

To make a brand new deck ready to add your own spelling list select '+ New Deck'. Or you can select one or more of the pre-made decks that are listed.

If you have creatd your own deck, give it a name and select 'Add'.

If you have selected one or more of the pre-made decks select 'Add Selected Decks'.

Adding Words

Add words to your Spelling Decks.

Select your deck and you will be taken to the deck screen. There will be a 'Word List' option with a number letting you know how many words are in the deck. Select this to add words.

Once you have selected 'Word List' select the '+' in the top right of the screen Type in your word and select 'Add'

Share, Export, Import Decks

Share decks with other parents and teachers.

No need to reinvent the wheel, you can share Spelling Decks with parents, teachers, or just between your other devices.

You can share one deck or a set of decks. To share a set of decks select the icon next to the '+' on the deck list page. It had an arrow pointing up.

This will turn the header pink and you can select one or more decks. When you are finished selecting then select the icon with the arrow again. It will be on the left this time.

Give your package of spelling decks a name and select 'Export'. The share options will now show. The easiest way to share is via air drop, but you can share by iMessage, mail, or save the file.

If you just want to share one deck you can do that from the deck screen. Select the deck and press the export button (up arrow, top right), there is no need to give it a name as it will use the name of the deck.