We've done it for many clients but now we have our own Content Management System

We've just built a content management system which will now handle the dynamic creation of the Website. No more tedium of doing each page by hand.

They say a builder's home is always unfinished. Well we have developed slick Apps, Websites, and Content Management Systems for our Clients, but when it comes to our own we are always making do.

While our clients add products to their shops and articles to their Websites via a browser or smartphone app that we've developed. We've still been writing each page by hand.

It's not much but at least all our content is now in a database and our site is created dynamically. Such a joy to be able to tweak the design and all the pages update instantly.

It does mean we had to take a week out of our core business doing paid contracts, but it's been worth it in the end. We could have opted for something off the shelf like WordPress, but we want to be able to add any feature we can imagine in the future so a custom build was the way to go.

I'm sure we'd have updated the blog more often if it was as easy as it now will be. Stay tuned for more updates.