GurgleApps Color WiFi Word Clock Kit

GurgleApps Color WiFi Word Clock Kit

Starting from our early days (almost 10 years ago) with an 8x8 matrix on a Raspberry Pi, that tiny word clock was one of our first projects, a little gadget that could tell time in a unique way.

Fast forward to today, and we've taken that initial inspiration to the next level with the GurgleApps Color WordClock Kit. We've sold many units, been featured on the PC Pro Magazine podcast and Tom's Hardware PiCast, and witnessed incredible hacks of our hardware and code that surpassed our wildest dreams.

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Our journey into the world of making began with a small 8x8 word clock. It was a fun challenge, figuring out how to display time with a limited number of LEDs. That project laid the groundwork for something bigger.

We are constantly amazed by the creativity and innovation within our community. Here are some examples of the fantastic projects they've created:

word clock community gallery 1 Some builds from the kit (custom request on the left)

Explore more amazing projects and get inspired by our community’s ingenuity!

We offer several options to suit your needs, preferences and budget:

  • Ready-Made Clock: A beautiful word clock ready to use right out of the box, ideal for your bedside or desk.
  • DIY Kit: Enjoy the satisfaction of building your own word clock with our complete kit.
  • Faceplate and Matrix Only: Create your own case or use one of our free 3D printable designs. All code and resources are available for free on GitHub.
  • Microcontroller Only: Just the microcontroller for those who want to customize even further.
  • White Faceplate: A sleek, white faceplate option for a clean look.
  • Logo-Free Faceplate: A minimalist faceplate without any logos for a streamlined appearance.

Choose the option that best fits your needs and start creating your unique word clock today!

Our customers and community have taken the GurgleApps Color WordClock Kit to new heights, demonstrating incredible creativity and technical skill. Here are some of the amazing ways they've hacked and enhanced their clocks:

  • Every Minute Updates: Some have modified the code to update the clock every minute.
  • Countdown Timer: Ingenious users have created a 30-second countdown timer.
  • Dual Clocks: One user built two clocks, one for minutes and one for hours, creating a unique timekeeping setup.
  • Custom Microcontrollers: Although we provide everything needed to build the kit, enthusiasts have used other microcontrollers like the ESP32 and Micro:bit.
  • Diverse Coding Languages: The community has also explored other coding languages such as MicroBlocks to customize their clocks.

Inspired by our early creation, we've developed its big brother, the GurgleApps Color WordClock Kit. It's not just bigger; it's brighter, more colorful, and packed with features that make timekeeping not just practical but enjoyable.

There's no need for buttons on this clock; it hosts its own web page, acting as a WiFi access point. Setting it up is as simple as connecting to its network, where you can then add your WiFi details. Once connected to your home network, it syncs time via the internet, always accurate, always reliable.

Whether it's part of your WiFi network or standing alone as an access point, this clock keeps you connected.

With an 8x8 color matrix, this kit brings time to life in vibrant hues. You can customize the display through a simple web interface, choosing from various modes like a single color, a running rainbow, or setting each word in its own color.

Just like its predecessor, the GurgleApps Color WordClock Kit has to be creative with its 64 LEDs, updating every five minutes in a way that's both smart and subtle. This isn't just about telling time; it's about celebrating how we perceive and interact with it.

Embracing the maker spirit that got us started, we've made everything about this clock open source. From the software on GitHub to the STL files for 3D printing your own case, we invite you to tinker, modify, and make it truly yours.

It still supports those ht16k33 i2c and max7219 matrices as the original our dad helped us build 10 years ago.

This project is more than just a clock; it's a testament to where curiosity and creativity can lead. Through our YouTube channel and live streams, we share our journey, learning, and discoveries. We're excited to see where this clock takes you, in both making and timekeeping.

Ready to build your own piece of timekeeping art? Explore the GurgleApps Color WordClock Kit and join us in pushing the boundaries of what a clock can be.

Slimline and sleek, the GurgleApps Word Clock measures 76x81mm, designed to fit perfectly in any modern setting. Its heart, an 8x8 color matrix, cleverly displays time in words, illuminated through a meticulously crafted faceplate.

color wordclock kit parts list bubbles

The full kit includes:

  • High-Quality Face Plate
  • 3D printed case and legs designed and printed at home by our fair hands
  • Micro USB cable
  • Raspberry Pi Pico W
  • 6x bolts and nuts

From a single hue to a dazzling rainbow spectrum, TimeCraft offers various display modes. The web interface allows for easy customization, enabling you to set the clock to display time in a color that suits your mood or decor.

Our adventure from a simple project to TimeCraft has been shared with our growing community through weekly livestreams and tutorials. The GitHub repository for TimeCraft's software, a testament to our commitment, has garnered attention and support, further fueling our passion.

We've tried countless materials, designs, components, and formats.

We managed to get it working with a very cheap ESP32-C3 but after a week the WiFi started failing. We found the same problem with 3 other units so we switched to the Raspberry Pi Pico W which is around 6 times the cost but we wanted the product perfect.

We tried many fonts, layouts, and materials for the faceplate. We finally managed to get a pretty good 3d printed result but something niggled us. We delayed the release for 3 weeks until we landed on the final materials and design and I think you'll agree it was well worth it.

This is the design that inspired our GurgleApps Color WiFi Word Clock Kit

Ready to build your own piece of timekeeping art? Explore the GurgleApps Color WordClock Kit and join us in pushing the boundaries of what a clock can be. We believe in the power of community, innovation, and shared learning. Thank you for joining us on this journey.