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Our first App Gurgle Numbers hits the iTunes store.

Our first App Gurgle Numbers hits the iTunes store.

Gurgle Numbers App The nervous wait is over. Less than a year since Clare was pregnant with our 3rd child and decided to launch a family based App development company our first product is in the market.

All those late nights are easily worth it. We're just hoping we make our first sale soon. We think it's well worth the 69pence or 99 US Cents price tag.

You can find more details at our Gurgle Numbers product page. Let us know what you think and what features you would like us to add in our next update.

We could have had the app out sooner, but we really wanted it to look right, and play well so people would find it well worth the 69 pence ($0.99) price tag. All the little details take up so much time. For example we had a spreadsheet containing all the scores from all the games of our testers, and spent 2 days tweaking the formula for how many stars you get.

Designing the app icon took a couple of days. Then a day selecting a shortlist to show our focus group. Then a week until we heard back from everyone letting us know their top 3. Perhaps we're going to far, but we'd prefer to spend time getting everything just right than produce a flood of average apps.