Some ideas for our logo.

gurgleapps logo fluffy

We've had so little time to think about colour schemes and logos. When we aren't working our day job as website and app developers we are improving our GurgleApps products and designing new ones. We don't have any budget for logo design and our expertise are more technical than branding.

Our web host gave us a months notice that they were closing down our server as they were discontinuing that product. This meant we had to transfer a decades worth of all our clients' websites over to a new server. This meant 6 weeks of laborious unpaid work which we spiced up with little side projects.

Along with more technical experiments and side projects (more blog posts to come about those), was one to play around with our logo a little. Our first ideas were wooden building blocks and fluffy toys.

gurgleapps logo fluffy

The wooden toys seemed to work better with a stacked logo like our gurgle numbers app. We tried dozens of variations of our fluffy logo. Our children really liked the animal print, it looks great fullscreen but not so good when it's shrunk down to smaller sizes. Perhaps we'll use it in a video in the future.

gurgleapps logo fluffy

It was a fun break from the task of transfering old websites and services to a new server, but we have to get back to it. They power down the old server in 3 weeks and there is still a lot of work to do. If you have any ideas for our logo or comments then do get in touch.