Our new app helps you learn to read musical notation.

Both our Children enjoy playing musical instruments. Our 6 year old Daughter takes her Piano Prep test soon which is the motivation behind our latest app. You can see her playing a prototype in the youtube clip above.

She knows her Treble Clef quite well, but still uses the usual mnemonic on some notes. You know FACE and Every Good Boy Deserves Favour/Fruit for the Treble and All Cows Eat Grass and Green Birds Don't Fly Away etc.

Whenever she has to use the Mnemonic it slows her down and seems to be holding her back, so we are hoping a bit of gamification into a fun App will help her learn her Bass and Treble clef in a fun way.

Our Son doesn't know how to read music yet, so he's an ideal guinea pig. The working title of the game is Gurgle Music but we are open to suggestions. Keep checking the blog for more progress reports if you are interested in this music app.

Let us know if you have any feature requests for launch or further updates too.