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Experimenting with number recognition in our Apps

Experimenting with number recognition in our Apps

Some of our App ideas would require the app to recognise letters and digits formed by a user drawing with their finger on the screen.

Android and iOS don't currently give us any tools to do this, so we will have to develop something oursevles.

The prototype in the video is the result of a weekend experimentation. We were pleased with the result, but we would need much more time if we were to use it in one of our Apps.

We think a round of a typical number based game would need to recognise about 10 digits. You'd want the majority of games to correctly match all the digits, perhaps one mistake in 20 games is acceptable.

Until we manage better than 99 percent accuracy it will remain a prototype. It was really interesting getting this far, but we don't currently make enough sales to invest too much R & D into something that may never be used.