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We have gone Raspberry Pi mad

We have gone Raspberry Pi mad

Raspberry Pi Essentials

We have been spending a bit of time lately on the Raspberry Pi, actually we have gone a bit Raspberry Pi mad. Alex developed a Pi word clock as the kids wanted to start learning electronics and programming. Along with the word clock he has developed a tool to help with designing fonts and graphics for 8x8 LED Matrix as well as various other tools not yet published on our site.

Links to the word clock are as follows: Click here for the word clock and click here for the video. We have now started to develop our own tools and tutorials to help with learning to program a RaspberryPi.

Alex has programmed since he was 7 years old and two of our three children aged 7 and 8 are now beginning to enjoy the world of programming. We have a multitude of Raspberry Pi’s in the house all being used simultaneously for one thing or another. There is always great excitement in the house when a package arrives in the post containing an abundance of parts for the Raspberry Pi.

We aim to provide tutorials and tools on our site to help children to learn to program the Raspberry Pi and to have as much fun as we are having with ours so watch this space for more Raspberry Pi tutorials, tools and fun.