Word Clock built using a Raspberry Pi and 8x8 LED Matrix


Two of our children have been interested in electronics and programming for some time now, so Alex thought it would be fun as a first project to build an LED word clock using the Raspberry Pi.

We coded the clock in Python and used a Raspberry Pi and an 8x8 matrix and we used transparency paper. The 8x8 matrix costs around £10 and the Unicorn Hat cost approximately £24. The clock also works with l2C Adafruit Backpack and the Unicorn Hat from Pimoroni.

Alex has written up the code and documentation and this can be found on Github . We have developed a tool that can be found on our tools page to help design fonts and graphics for 8x8 LED Matrix. We used this tool to help us with the word clock

Below are a couple of video's on how we went about making the word clock.