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We found the Google Secret Hiring Coding Challenge

We found the Google Secret Hiring Coding Challenge

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We triggered the secret challenge from a google search. The search results page melted down revealing an invitation to the secret hiring coding challenge.

That day we searched for various technical information on Google. We definitely searched for Laravel (the framework we use for this Website).

We managed to recreate the process on another computer by searching for various terms we remembered and the last one we did was for 'List Comprehensions' we knew from Python and were searching to see if you could do the same in PHP.

It didn't work right away but after about a dozen searches the easter egg popped up again, we'd actually searched 'list comprehensions three times in a row.

sercret google foobar coding challenge

You are presented with this invitation:

Curious developers are known to seek interesting problems. Solve one from Google?

You can respond with

  • I want to play
  • No thanks
  • Don't show me this again

You get a terminal/shell in the browser with a few commands which will be familiar to anyone who has used the Linux shell.

Typing help will give you a list of available commands.

cd				- change directory [dir_name]
cat				- print file [file_name]
deleteme	- delete all of your data associated with foobar
edit				- open file in editor [file_name]
Command Description
cd change directory [dir_name]
cat print file [file_name]

We are given a set of encryption rules and two example encrypted sentences. The challenge is to code the decryptor.