How to Connect a Multimeter to Breadboard Hack

How to Connect a Multimeter to Breadboard Hack

One pair of hands, a multimeter & breadboard? This little hack has saved us so much time and frustration, I really hope this will help you guys out as well.

The standard probes on a multimeter don't fit anywhere on a breadboard, you can get crocodile clips but these are no better. It is possible to work hands free with just a little ingenuity.

  • Multimeter
  • Copper wire (alternative is a paperclip or whatever you can find)
  • Male To Female Jumper Cable (other wire fitting breadboard will work)
  • Wire Cutters

Copper wire is ideal but any conductive material you can coil should do the trick.

Tightly coil the wire or paperclip around a probe. You'll want to cover a good bit of the probe so it doesn't slip off.

multimeter breadboard close up

If you have male to female jumper wire you can snip off the coil leaving enough sticking out straight to attach to the female side of the jumper wire.

Otherwise you can solder your favourite breadboard compatible wire to the end and you are all set. Repeat for the other probe and now you can plug your multimeter straight into the breadboard.

multimeter breadboard