Our first iTunes sales report for Gurgle Numbers

email from itunes

34 Days ago we launched our first Gurgle App which was Gurgle Number for iPhone. 25 days ago we released the iPad version, and today on 12-12-12 get got through our first ever sales report from iTunes.

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We've done it for many clients but now we have our own Content Management System

We've just built a content management system which will now handle the dynamic creation of the Website. No more tedium of doing each page by hand.

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Our new app helps you learn to read musical notation.

Both our Children enjoy playing musical instruments. Our 6 year old Daughter takes her Piano Prep test soon which is the motivation behind our latest app. You can see her playing a prototype in the youtube clip above.

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Our first App Gurgle Numbers makes it's first sales.

24hrs after our first product (Gurgle Numbers App) hit the iTunes store we got our sales report through.

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Our first App Gurgle Numbers hits the iTunes store.

gurgle numbers app

The nervous wait is over. Less than a year since Clare was pregnant with our 3rd child and decided to launch a family based App development company our first product is in the market.

All those late nights are easily worth it. We're just hoping we make our first sale soon. We think it's well worth the 69pence or 99 US Cents price tag.

You can find more details at our Gurgle Numbers product page. Let us know what you think and what features you would like us to add in our next update.

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Submitted our first App Gurgle Numbers to the iTunes store.

Today we submitted our first App to the iTunes Store for We've done this many times before for our clients, but this is the first for our own GurgleApps business.

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Our boy plays with a prototype of our Number Bonds smartphone app.

Our 6 year old daughter is doing Number Bonds at Primary School, and we developed an app to help her (Above is a video of her brother playing an advanced prototype).

It seems to have helped her a lot, and now we've polished it up from it's humble beginnings into something we hope to be selling imminently

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Today we launched our website

gurgle apps website

Today we launched our Website. Clare has piles of designs for upcomming Apps, and is using a few prototypes. We really wanted a Website to share our progress and get some feedback.

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