Prusa Upgrades & Cool Prints

Prusa Upgrades & Cool Prints

After we finished building our Prusa printer, we decided to add cool customizations to it like some snazzy trays and other cool things! in this article, we go over the customizations and our first few prints. Links to the designs we printed are at the end of the article.

The first customisation we printed was a steal sheet holder. Our printer came with 2 steel sheets to put on the heated bed. This way the sheets are accessible at all times and held vertically saving space.

prusa steel sheet holder

The second customisation we printed was some handy trays that slot right next to the bed. These are very useful to store prints and parts.

prusa side trays

The only downside is that with the larger prints comes a bigger printing time. The trays were being printed all day, you can see one freshly printed on the print bed.

prusa side tray 3d print

Next, we printed a filament guide. We printed 2 different versions but the one we used had a little slot to put the filament in. These look really cool and keep the filament tidy. It guides the filament to the extruder.

Image of filament guide coming soon