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DIY Egg-Decorating Robot: A Blast from the Past with Our Younger Selves

DIY Egg-Decorating Robot: A Blast from the Past with Our Younger Selves

From Kids to Teens: Our Epic Egg-Decorating Robot Adventure!

We take a trip down memory lane as we revisit our childhood egg-decorating robot project and see how we looked and sounded 6 years ago when Amelie was Ziva's age.

Six years ago, we were just a couple of curious kids, super excited to learn and create something amazing for our little sister. We decided to take on the challenge of building an 'egg bot' - a cool robot designed to draw intricate patterns on eggs. We never imagined that this fun project would turn into such an awesome memory and an adventure that we'd revisit years later.

Back then, we didn't have the skills to create something as complex as the egg bot all on our own. So, we turned to the Open Source Egg Bot Project for help and used 3D printed parts from Thingiverse to bring our creation to life.

Fast forward to today, and we're now a pair of teenagers still with a passion for innovation and creativity. Our younger sister has joined us and now has videos of her own, and is included in many of our videos.

As we've improved our skills over time, we've tried to contribute to the open-source STEM community by sharing some of our projects, 3D models, and code. We're grateful for the support and inspiration we've received from others, and we hope that our work can help someone else out there on their own creative journey.

Remember, it's all about learning, growing, and helping each other out, so let's keep the creativity flowing!

Our video editing skills meant that the original video was a one-take affair with our brother as the cameraman. We look so young in the original and sound so strange to us now.

We hope that our story inspires you to get started, celebrate your growth, and continue to explore the world of innovation and creativity.

We were pretty hopeless, and still make loads of mistakes but we keep on trying.

In the future, we plan to revisit our egg-decorating robot project once again and create a new and improved version that incorporates our upgraded skills and the latest technology.

Stay tuned for more exciting projects and adventures from us! Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow our blog for updates.

Happy egg-decorating!